Southern States Rebar, INC.​​

Rod Buster - Concrete Reinforcement Installer


-Determine quantities, sizes, shapes, and locations of reinforcing rods from blueprints, sketches, or oral instructions.
-Review blueprints or specifications to determine work requirements.
-Space and fasten together rods in forms according to blueprints, using wire and pliers.
-Install fencing or other barriers.
-Position structural components. Install metal structural components. 
-Position and secure steel bars, rods, cables, or mesh in concrete forms, using fasteners, rod-bending machines, blowtorches, or hand tools.
-Cut rods to required lengths, using metal shears, hacksaws, bar cutters, or acetylene torches.Cut metal components for installation.
-Place blocks under rebar to hold the bars off the deck when reinforcing floors.
-Position safety or support equipment.
-Cut and fit wire mesh or fabric, using hooked rods, and position fabric or mesh in concrete to reinforce concrete.
-Bend steel rods with hand tools or rodbending machines and weld them with arc-welding equipment.
-Weld metal components.

-Comfortable with multi-story construction environments, climbing ladders, outdoor work environment.

Pay is Depending on Experience from $10 - $22 / hr

This is an ongoing / open posting

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