Southern States Rebar, INC.​​



Our people make the difference.

Our team of dedicated rod busters and supervisors are ready to take on any challenge. They have the drive and tenacity to keep your project on schedule regardless of the obstacles encountered.

Supervisor Contact Information:

Antonio Martinez: Director of Operations

Luis Silva : Safety Manager 

Noe Martinez: Exec. Supt.

Jorge Camacho: Exec. Supt. 

Paul Wilt: Exec. Supt. 

Robert Belvins: Exec. Supt.  

Miguel Reyes: Exec. Supt. 

Sergio Mondragon : Exec. Supt. 

Jose Luis Rivera: Supervisor

Gaspar Camacho: Supervisor 

Tomas Mondragon: Supervisor 

Orlando Castro: Supervisor 

Marco A Garcia: Supervisor

Rojelio Lira: Supervisor 

Oscar Trejo: Supervisor

Rigaberto Rivera: Supervisor

Alfonzo Castillo : Supervisor

Alfonso Reyes : Supervisor

Jesus Alvarado: Supervisor 

Jose Luis Garcia: Supervisor 

Victor Rendon: GA Ops Mger 

Manuel Rendon: GA Supervisor